Craps Strategies That Will Help You To Win

Craps is, without a doubt, a popular game, so there are always many players near it. Craps allows multiple people to bet at the same time and various betting options give better or worse chances at winning. Losing and winning is not difficult in craps and so smart players should set up some boundaries, try to recognize current trends and apply best game strategy for this situation.

General Strategies

  • Prior to starting the game, think of your limits for this game and your betting table. In case you start doubling your bets, it’s high time to stop your game and walk away.
  • As you sit to the craps table, don’t be shy and talk to people who sit nearby. Craps table is one of the friendliest places in whole casino, so players are usually very talkative. They can give you important information concerning current trends.
  • As you just start the game, do not make any huge bets. You should have defined your minimum and maximum bid amounts by this time, so apply the smallest one in the beginning.
  • Pay your attention to the shooter and their look. If they look confident, break the Pass Line. If no, don’t do this.
  • Field should be avoided. 5, 6, 7 and 8 are most frequently rolled numbers and so they can lead you to defeat.
  • When you select a person to bet with, try to find someone who sets and throws dices carefully. It’s better to know how this person throws and if you think he or she will do it good, back them up with a bet.

Betting Strategies

  • First put a bet of $5 at Pass Line. The next thing is to put double odds-on numbers six and eight. The next thing is to put single odds to 9 or 5. In case 6 and 8 got hit, bring both down and take odds off. This strategy is good for so called cold table.
  • 2 first bets are made with odds. When you need to wait until a come bet has got hit and make next come bet with odds. Such system is frequently called “three numbers working” system. This system works fine in case table is hot, but in this case use only 6 and 8 as your betting targets.

Enjoy the game and remember to gamble responsibly. Good Luck and have fun.