Women’s Poker – A Growing Trend

It was kind of a shock to the system when so many people started to become interested in the world of poker as a professional sport. Television shows and magazines dedicated to the game sprung up everywhere, and before anyone knew it, they were even hosting celebrity poker tournaments. However, one trend that came out of this growing excitement was the rise of women poker players – few people expected that women would take such an interest in a game that’s traditionally considered such a male-orientated sport.

Surveys and research conducted both with online gamers and with the poker playing community at large shows that there’s a larger number of women’s poker players than anyone ever expected, and that the field is continuing to grow at a surprising rate. Once, women players only comprised about ten percent of all online poker players, but recent surveys and studies have shown that this number has increased to close to thirty percent. In fact, men who are playing in online poker rooms may never even realize that there’s a woman playing against them – and this slight edge usually works out in the women’s favor.

When the idea of online gaming was first introduced, most people believed it would be predominately centered on men who could play a quick pick-up game here and there without having to worry about getting out of the house. However, it appears that the tables have turned – predictions are that women actually make up close to fifty percent of the online gaming community, including participants who enjoy a variety of casino-style games, not just poker. More and more women are turning to online gaming as an easy way to relieve the stress brought on by running a household and a career at the same time.

One of the largest draws for women interested in the game – especially those playing online – is that many housewives who might not have the extra time necessary to join a real-life poker tournament can now do so in the comfort of their home. Many of these women are also finding that they can supplement their income with a little extra money from poker, which is a big draw for budget-minded women. In addition, many female poker players also find that they prefer the anonymity offered online, as only about fifteen percent of the women who were polled said that they preferred playing in a casino-hosted poker game.

It’s hard to know for sure what has drawn so many women into the world of online poker, but if all of the speculators are right, it’s easy to see that this is a trend that doesn’t have any intention of dying down. As long as online gaming is still available and women poker players are able to relax while playing a few hands of poker, there’s little doubt that the rising popularity of poker among women players will continue to grow and grow. In fact – although it’s hard to believe – we may see a time when the number of women players online outnumbers the men in the sport!